Selasa, 20 September 2011

My Answer...

Ask me SMILE ??

I want to cry,
But I smile for you.
I want to hold on to you,
But I send you away.
I am angry, but I hold it in.
I know everything,
But I’m willing to be fooled.
Because I’m man, I should smile.

If you leave me,
Just go away.
Why say so much?
Why did you break my heart?
“ I’m sorry, be happy. “
Are you kidding me?
How can I smile without you?

Try thinking from my position
If you were me,
When I say goodbye,
Would you smile?
And say “I’m ok?”

I want to remember
Only the beautiful
And really pretty memories
When I resist,
Leave me,
Before I really cry..
I’m tried to suppress it,
But my tears flow.
Why is the sky so bright?
Even though I’m a man,
I really want to cry.
Why is the sunlight so hot?
But I’m a man
I should laung !!

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